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alright, recap of last weeks events.

SO i’m getting to this really late because i had other things on my mind immediatly after the shows, and i’ve been bed-ridden sick since friday night and couldn’t get up the energy to type out everything until now. So here we go:

Day 1: Tuesday, April 17th, Enter Shikari/Letlive.

i picked up Sydney from the train station and we made our way up to the Uni and on the way to the bar above the venue, we happened to pass to guys with tour passes in the food court. I didn’t even look to see who it was, not entirely sure why since i’ve met so many bands before shows in that food court, happened to be waiting in line behind Dainel from TDWP once at A&W years ago. Anyways, Sydney looked and was like “isn’t that guy in Enter Shikari?” and i immediatly tried to look back without seeming creepy, and sure enough it was Rory just chilling there eating his lunch. After meeting up with Jordan, Dylan and Laura we chilled in the bar for a while, Laura got drunk and the owner cut her off, it wasn’t even 7 o’clock yet, new record? We went downstairs when the doors opened, hung out while At The Skylines played. They were okay, nothing special. Some little 12 years old girl was moshing like an asshole jumping on peoples back and throwing elbows, so when she jumped on me i pushed her away, and seeing as i was twice her size i accidentally threw her across the mosh pit. she wasn’t happy, but that’s why pint sized girls shouldn’t mosh. We managed to get up to my favorite spot to be in for shows at The Den; this nice little corner at the front of the stage right next to a speaker and in front of a pole so no one’s crowd surfing over you and you have something solid to lean on, since there’s no barricade. They played Wake The Dead by Comeback Kid in between sets and i felt the need to sing it very loud.

Then Letlive started. I had no idea what to expect. I’d heard them before but hadn’t really given them a good listen, but i knew i liked what i’d heard, so i was looking forward to it. But holy fuck they were mind-blowing. Jason was running around like a mad man and dropping on the floor rolling around. hanging from the rafters, running through the crowd, into the mosh pit, to the back of the room, he was fucking EVERYWHERE. I think it was the second or third song of the set, he jumped over the pedalboard to where i was standing and knealt down and rested his head on top of mine for a second, and then proceeded to climb on top of the speaker behind me. While he was up there he threw his mic down and it hit Sydney in the face and gave her a nice big gash on her eyebrow. When he got off the speaker he saw her holding her face and in the middle of the song just grabbed her face and said “i’m so sorry, oh my god.” and kind of hugged her head. A kid in the crowd yelled out “i don’t think your mic had a dent in it before.” And Jason looked at it, laughed, and said “no probably not.” The set went on and eventually he gave a little between-song speech, and i have to say i’ve never felt a bands passion for what they do nearly as much as i did when he was talking. He started to talk into the microphone but after a few words threw it down and the whole crowd just went silent as he just talked to us. It felt so much more real and i actually began to tear up a bit because it was such an emotional speech. Needless to say when they finished their set, they’d made an instant fan out of me, i was blown away by them.

And then, the band i was there to see, Enter Shikari. They’re another band that i wasn’t a huge fan of until i saw them live, and then they impressed me so much i started listening to them non-stop, so this being my second time seeing them, i was STOKED that they were headlining such a tiny venue seeing as i’ve watched tons of their live videos and they looked INSANE. And i wasn’t wrong, that place went nuts during the first notes of System/Meltdown, i wasn’t sure i would make it of their without a serious injury, Sydney and Jordan didn’t make it very far into the set bafore they had to get out of the front, but Dylan and I stuck it out. Rory was right in front of me and nearly kneed me in the face a few times, he kept looking down at me giving me this look like “sorry! i’m trying not to knee you!” His monitor kept sliding forward as it was the only thing in front of us to hold on to. We got given such a huge jolt by the crowd a few times the monitor knocked over his mic stand (this stage is EXTREMELY small). Rory made up for the lack of spce on the stage by spending alot of time crowd surfing or standing above the crowd. He held his guitar out for us to strum a few times. Rou got the kids in the pit to attempt the human pyramid and i think they managed a pretty damn good one, someone ended up hanging from the roof. Rou was running around like crazy, he was hanging from the rafters at one point as well. Then, during Mothership, possibly one of the best things i’ve seen happen at a show, a random kid got up on stage to crowd surf and Rory grabbed him, the kid stood there confused while Rory climbed up on his cab, he waved the kid over and got up on his shoulders and the kid carried him around. Fucking awesome. While this was happening Dylan turned Rory’s mic stand around to face the crowd so we were yelling “Go tell all your friends that this is the end” and when Rory got off the kids shoulders he looked pretty stoked on it. the whole set was incredible.

Afterwards we met Jason from Letlive at the merch table, he signed our stuff talked to me a bit about my This Is Hell shirt (i seem to always get compliments on it when i wear it to shows), he was one of the nicest people i’ve ever met, no lies. Then we wnt outside because Sydney wanted to meet the rest of Letlive and Chris from ES was standing out there with some kids, so we got him to sign our tickets, he said he felt so restricted on such a tiny stage and it was weird compared to what they’re used to playing on. Then Rou walked up, he seemed kinda shy, but was really nice and signed out stuff too. We walked around a bit, met Jean from Letlive and some of the At The Sylines guys by the vans. Went back inside and sat down, saw Jason talking to some fans and then one of the guys in At The Skylines that Sydney knew was standing there so we talked to him for a while, eventuall Jason came over and went to find the other guys from Letlive to sign our stuff, he could only find Anthony. he was super nice too, we talked to him for a while, asked us what we were up to after the show and we said getting sleep for Coldplay the next day and we started talking to him about Coldplay for a bit. Which brings me to the next day…

Day 2, April 18th, Coldplay.

Okay, so i’d been waiting for this concert for months. It was on my bucket list to see Coldplay and they were every bit as amazing as i’d hoped they’d be. They gave everyone these bracelets when we walked into the venue, which is what that blue and pink thing is in the picture. The bracelets lit up to the beat of the music, and the whole arena lighting up looked so amazing. They played almost every hit they had, which unfortunatly didn’t leave room for much else, not that i’m complaining, i just would have loved to hear Spies or Trouble. During Warning Sign, Chris Martin stopped the song and just said “Fuck i’ve gone and messed it up, we might as well just stop the concert now.” and some guy in the front row yelled something at him and he laughed and said “well thank you for the encouragement, even the worlds seventh biggest English soft rock band needs moral support sometimes.” The whole show was incredible they shot out confetti, which me and Sydney tried to catch like a couple of 5 year old kids, and we kept it haha. They also had these huge blow-up shapes in the entrances to the second level seats. and for the encore they actually played a song up in the second level at the back of the arena, which i think is amazing, not many bands that are that popular would go out and play in the crowd with their fans. They ran through the crowd back to the stage and played a few more songs, one of which was Fix You. I deffinatly started tearing up, it was so perfect in every way.

all in all, an amazing 2 days with Sydney and some incredible bands. so bummed it’s over. Next up: road trip to Edmonton for Your Demise, and then driving home in the middle of the night again to make the Calgary show.

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